Elena Apartments

Elena apartments is an open family resort for people who enjoy socializing. It is the perfect resort for adults and children. The hotel is a small staircase from the beach and closes to a wide variety of shopping and restaurants. It is hot in Greece and especially during the summer. Therefore we have equipped all rooms with solid air-conditioning. Be cautious not to turn it down too much as it could turn into the Arctic. LCD-TV Sometimes you just want to relax in the room. For this occasion, we have included an LCD-TV to your pleasure. Kitchenette If you don’t feel like a nice meal in one of the wonderful restaurants placed around the island, we highly recommend cooking in the room in the built-in kitchenettes. Safe-deposit box A lost valuable can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. We understand this and provide every room with a safe deposit box. The pool area offers sunbeds in both sun and shade. Additionally, tables and chairs are provided for seating the pool is, of course, facing the ocean and the glorious island of Telendos. Kiddy Pool The pool has an area with shallow waters which is great for children. The pool is safely barred off for a greater amount of security for your loved ones. Pool Bar Always there to serve your needs is our pool bar. Our staff will make sure to serve your needs for both beverages and eatables. Ice cream is of course also available for everyone with a sweet tooth. We offer limitless stays for as long as you allow yourself. The bookings are open and our staff is ready to receive you. Don’t miss out on a fantastic experience at Elena Apartments, book today, and save yourself a spot in paradise. Each studio apartment in Elena Apartments is facing the ocean and island of Telendos. They are all equipped with a bed, bath, and kitchenette. All you need to enjoy a great vacation. Enjoy a cozy day by the pool with the kids. Our staff is ready to serve your needs whether it be ice-cream for the children or an ice cold beer to cool you down in the sun. The pool area is designed to suit your every need. There are options to lie in the sun or shade and even a possibility to sit by the bar where you can play backgammon or enjoy a nice conversation.

Elena Apartments is situated close to shopping opportunities as well as great restaurants. Everything is conveniently close and certainly makes a walk with the family easier as there is a bit for everyone to look at.
Wi-fi is offered to all of our guests. We have placed a hotspot in the reception area for you to access at all times. Feel free to ask our receptionist for the password to our Wi-fi solution. As we wish for our guests to relax, we often recommend that they remember to pay more attention to their partner, rather than their e-mail.

Elena apartments consist of an open balcony landscape facing the ocean. Enjoy a highly social environment combined with a wonderful pool area and the natural beach nearby. Enjoy an open balcony environment facing the sea. The apartment includes 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a combined kitchen, living room and a balcony. This suite is equipped with a Kitchenette.

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