We welcome you to Massouri Beach Hotel, a hotel only containing large suites for the perfect getaway for you and your partner. Almost every suite is facing the ocean and the island of Telendos, which makes for an amazing view. These large private suites are perfect for a romantic getaway, exploring Greek nature and cuisine. This is a great way to spoil your partner with great weather, good food, and beautiful natural beaches. The pool area offered at Massouri Beach Hotel is calm and private. It includes a good amount of sunbeds facing the natural beach of Massouri with the glorious view of the island of Telendos. Easy access to the beach The beach is loved by many and luckily it is no more than a few steps from the pool area.

Massouri beach hotel consists only of large suites each with a built-in Kitchen. Each room in Elena Village faces the beautiful island of Telendos. They all have what is needed in order for you to properly relax.
A quiet pool area is hidden on the beach. The pool area has sunbeds available and should you wish to lie on the beach instead. It is no more than a few steps from the pool area.
Wi-fi is offered to all of our guests. We have placed a hotspot in the reception area for you to access at all times. Feel free to ask our receptionist for the password to our Wi-fi solution. As we wish for our guests to relax, we often recommend that they remember to pay more attention to their partner, rather than their e-mail.
Enjoy an afternoon drink from the reception bar on the enormous veranda overlooking Telendos. We offer our guests a wide variety of refreshments from the reception bar.
The luxurious suites are all facing Telendos where one of the most beautiful sunsets in Greece appear. The balconies are all equipped with a small table and chairs, perfectly suited for a cozy afternoon with a nice refreshment on the balcony.
The hotel is placed close to a street filled with various restaurants all ready to cater to you and your partner’s needs for an amazing culinary experience. The street will have various signs on street level in order to provide you with a sense of food type and price level. You’ll quickly notice that several of these restaurants specialize in different types of dishes. “Kali oreksi”, which is Greek for Bon appetite.

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